The Safest Consumer Glass

ShatterSafe’s proprietary exterior coating strengthens glass products to withstand impact. If the interior glass shatters, the product can be recycled in the glass recycling bin where the plastic coating will vaporized and the glass will be reused! 

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pure & untainted taste, aroma, flavor
  • Exterior ShatterSafe coating keeps you safe if the glass does break
  • Free from contaminants/harmful chemicals
  • No plastic or metallic taste
  • Keeps liquids fresh
  • BPA free
  • No leaching
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

ShatterSafe’s exterior coating is shock absorbent and shatter resistant – making it the toughest and safest glass protectant on the market! The interior of the bottle is pure glass, ensuring you’re consuming from the healthiest and purest material possible.

Should your ShatterSafe product break (it’s possible) DO NOT drink/eat from it, or remove the coating! The product and its glass contents can be safely picked up and placed in glass recycling bin(remember to remove the lid and transfer it to a new ShatterSafe product).

While the exterior is indeed coated, the interior remains 100% pure glass, ensuring that you’re consuming from the safest, healthiest, and purest material possible.

If your ShatterSafe’s interior breaks it is very evident and can be easily recycled. 






Is the exterior coating on the interior of the bottle too?

The proprietary plastisol exterior coating makes the exterior of the bottle shatter resistant, it is only located on the outside of the glass packaging, it never touch’s the contents of the glass material inside.

The plastisol used is safer than plastics you touch in your day to day contact with plastic (like your keyboard, for example, that you are touching right now!)

Can you provide more information on Plastisol:

Here is more information on Plastisol’s from a list on Google:

Common Uses for Plastisol Include:

  • Medical product development (nasal cannulas, endotracheal tubes, etc.)
  • Toy parts.
  • Baby spoons.
  • Plumbing and electrical fittings.
  • Bumpers
What are your business models? Do you only sell glass water bottles? What if we want to get a quote for our own glass product?

We have a few business models:

  1. We sell our ShatterSafe water bottles in their current form you must place an order for at least 3,000 bottles
  2. Provide us with your glass products and we will manage the coating of the product. To start this process we will need information on the products you would like to coat (dimension, weight etc…), to get a quote for your custom product we charge $1,000
  3. We are open to discussions for selling the proprietary coated material *Please see the following QA for more info on these options*
Have you done any drop testing on your glass bottle product? How many times can you drop it before the interior breaks? From what heights?

Factors that impact whether the interior will break:

  • Type of material the coated glass packaging is dropped on: Cement, wood floor, grass, tile floor, shower stall or asphalt – there will be a different impact.
  • If the coated glass packaging is full or half full
  • If it is dropped from 2 feet high or 4 feet high, etc…

It’s like your cell phone you could drop it 50 times and the screen does not break or it breaks on the first drop.

If the coated glass packaging drops and breaks the interior glass how will the consumer know?
Breaking a regular glass product without coating is in itself very dangerous, if you step on the broken glass or attempt to pick up broken glass you can get injured. With ShatterSafe coating you can see if the bottle is broken and then not use the contents of the glass packaging and dispose of (or recycle) it properly.
Is there a way to decrease the chance the interior glass will break?
One solution if you are concerned about broken glass is to increase the thickness of the glass and add the proprietary coating to the exterior of the thickened glass.
What products can the coating be used on?
The best part is many glass products can be coated with this material to be made safer; Reusable water bottle, Protein shaker bottles, double wall bottles/containers for hot coffee, beer growlers, food and cosmetic containers, drinking glasses, reusable returnable glass products that can be refilled and many, many others. It is a business, not just a one product idea. It is a “new” category for healthy/safe glass “on the go”.
I noticed your MVP product is a glass bottle. How much does it cost to coat one bottle:

The cost to apply the coating on a glass bottle is $3.60 per bottle. We initially made tooling to hold the glass bottles in the production line at a cost of $18,000 this tooling is good almost forever. However, if a bottle style is changed or you decide to coat a separate product new tooling would most likely be needed. As mentioned we use a third party factory in the U.S. that have developed engineering and technology practices to coat the bottles.

The coating company has a minimum run of 3,000 bottles. If you are interested in the Shattersafe bottle in its current from there would be no tooling cost involved since the tooling is already made for our bottle style. If you wanted to coat a different style glass container we would see if the coating company has tool available. If so, they would not charge for using the tooling. However, if you needed to make new tooling to coat your style of bottle it would cost about $18,000, but this is a one time cost.

We buy the glass bottles and tops from a company in China and ship them here to the U.S.

Can the coating also be applied in China to reduce the cost:

We as well as others in the industry performed exhaustive research for a coating facility with the specifics needed for the proprietary coating in China, with no luck. The glass products can only be coated here in the U.S.