The Toughest & Safest Glass Bottle

ShatterSafe’s proprietary exterior coating strengthens the glass bottle to withstand impact. In the case the interior glass shatters, the bottle can be recycled into the glass recycling bin where the plastic coating will vaporized and the glass will be reused!

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pure & untainted taste, aroma, flavor
  • Exterior ShatterSafe coating keeps you safe if the glass does break
  • Free from contaminants/harmful chemicals
  • No plastic or metallic taste
  • Keeps liquids fresh
  • BPA free
  • No leaching
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

ShatterSafe’s exterior coating is shock absorbent and shatter resistant – making it the toughest and safest glass bottle on the market! The interior of the bottle is pure glass, ensuring you’re drinking from the healthiest and purest material possible.

Should your ShatterSafe Bottle break (it’s possible) DO NOT drink from it or remove the coating! The bottle and its glass contents can be safely picked up and placed in glass recycling bin(remember to remove the lid and transfer it to a new ShatterSafe Bottle).

While the exterior is indeed coated, the interior remains 100% pure glass, ensuring that you’re drinking from the safest, healthiest, and purest material possible.

If your ShatterSafe’s interior breaks it is very evident and can be easily recycled. The bottles filtered top allows you to add fruit, tea or any other flavor to your drink!






How do I order a ShatterSafe Bottle?
You can place an order for a ShatterSafe bottle through our website. You have the choice to buy a clear bottle or a bottle with the ShatterSafe design. If you are purchasing ShatterSafe bottles as company gift, we are able to customize the bottle with your company logo on it! Bottles are currently on back order and will arrive to you as soon as possible, just enter your email on the checkout page and we will let you know when bottles arrive!
Will my ShatterSafe bottle break the first time I drop it?
It is rare for a ShatterSafe bottle to break (on the inside). You can compare it to a phone, you don’t go out of your way to drop it but it happens. For example: you can drop your phone dozens of times and the screen doesn’t break, but it is possible it could break the first drop also.

If your ShatterSafe bottle breaks, all shards will be contained in the coating and it will no longer be usable. If this occurs, you can recycle your ShatterSafe bottle in the glass recycling! Additionally, you can either recycle the top or keep it for your next ShatterSafe bottle!

What glass coating technology does ShatterSafe use?
To ensure a safe environment where all glass shards are contained, the exterior of the ShatterSafe™ Reusable Glass Bottle is coated with a safe, permanently adhered, impact resistant plastic resin. The coating is BPA free, phthalate free, and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Compliant. If you recycle your ShatterSafe in the glass recycling bin the coating vaporizes during glass recycling.
Why should I choose a glass bottle over my current bottle?
Glass is everyone’s first choice when drinking at home, ShatterSafe allows you to take glass with you safely on the go. Glass allows you to drink in purity so you won’t be left with the taste (or chemicals) of plastic, aluminum or steel.
Can I put a custom design on my bottle?
Currently we are able to custom design large quantity orders (Ex. Company logo) on bottles. In the future we do plan to create personalized bottles.